Queen of the Mulch Pile

April 1, 2007

We have a pretty big back yard, which includes a large area that is fenced off for a mulch pile. The pile was against the far fence, but we recently moved the fence on that side of the yard back another 30′. My husband will be moving the mulch pile to the new corner, so pulled down part of its fencing so he could start taking out the mulch (much of which went to our garden). This project will take several weekends, and so he left the mulch fence down on one side. Yesterday afternoon he finished extending the new fence around the rest of the yard, and it was fun watching Sugar Bear and Déjà Vu explore their new territory.

So this morning I let both of the dogs out and was very amused a bit later to look out the window and see that Déjà had climbed up to the top of the mulch pile and was exploring. As the pile is about 4′ tell, she was up pretty high! I called my kids over to see, and when she noticed us she leapt off of the pile to come charging over. That wasn’t so great for her growing joints, but was rather fun to watch.

I’ve decided to let her have her mulch fun until the entire pile is moved, at which point it will have a nice, secure fence around it again. Of course, if I see her jump off of the top again, we’ll have to secure the pile again sooner. But she’s such a tall girl to begin with, she really is a sight up there – my back yard neighbors even called to comment and make sure she was okay up there. So far Sugar Bear shows no interest in climbing up. I guess at 6 yrs she is getting less adventurous.

5 Responses to “Queen of the Mulch Pile”

  1. PERRIN said

    I am wondering if you thought about the safety or Deja and Sugerbear during their exploration. Would it be profitable for me to create a dog toy based on the size and shape of a mulch pile?

    I love dogs too 8 )

  2. Val said

    I’ve been doing a ton of research on dogs and dog training and love your website – thank you so much for it! (My husband and I are on the hunt for the perfect shelter dog and the perfect training style.) Long story short, I’m renting a house, and my husband and I have agonized over whether to report our neighbor’s neglect of his dog. (He has two; one totally neglected and tied up, the other a lap dog that is babied by the grandmother.) They are poor and uneducated, and I’d really like to offer to work with their dog using this training style.

    Problem: the dog is a large pit bull, and is clearly deeply depressed, and I have no idea of its agression level. If I report it, I’m sure it’ll be put to sleep – but I have no idea if I can work with him safely. 😦

    Any recommendations? Sorry to ambush you with such a big question, but I liked your approach to training and would greatly value any advice you might have!

  3. Val said

    Heck! just saw the last post was 2007.

    Well, I’ll continue looking. Maybe I can persuade tan animal shelter work not to put him down and give us some help or try talking to the neighbors again.

  4. Mary W said

    I have not been very active with this blog, but I did see your post. You are describing a very difficult situation & I can’t give much advice over the Internet. I can tell you that I have known many, many wonderful pit bulls – very sweet & responsive to the training. But as with any powerful breed, they can also be dangerous. I suggest talking with the owners and asking to meet him with them present. That will give you a much better idea as to his temperament. I hope it works out & you are able to give some much-needed attention to this poor guy! If you do, I’d love to hear about it.

  5. Andrea A said

    Hi there,
    I have been reading up on clicker training and found your site via dogpile.com. I am sure you’re very busy — but even with these two entries I can see how much you can teach! How do you manage with your borzoi who is not treat motivated?

    If you reward a correct response with letting the dog ‘go play’ for even a minute or two, will s/he remember what was being clicked? Or do you save up the clicks somehow and let your dog go play after 5 or 7 or 10 .. ? clicks?

    Now its two years later. How about updating and letting us know how it went! Gosh, two entries and I want to know so much more! Did your daughter finish the level 2 course? C’mon, give! please? Thanks 😉

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