Queen of the Mulch Pile

April 1, 2007

We have a pretty big back yard, which includes a large area that is fenced off for a mulch pile. The pile was against the far fence, but we recently moved the fence on that side of the yard back another 30′. My husband will be moving the mulch pile to the new corner, so pulled down part of its fencing so he could start taking out the mulch (much of which went to our garden). This project will take several weekends, and so he left the mulch fence down on one side. Yesterday afternoon he finished extending the new fence around the rest of the yard, and it was fun watching Sugar Bear and Déjà Vu explore their new territory.

So this morning I let both of the dogs out and was very amused a bit later to look out the window and see that Déjà had climbed up to the top of the mulch pile and was exploring. As the pile is about 4′ tell, she was up pretty high! I called my kids over to see, and when she noticed us she leapt off of the pile to come charging over. That wasn’t so great for her growing joints, but was rather fun to watch.

I’ve decided to let her have her mulch fun until the entire pile is moved, at which point it will have a nice, secure fence around it again. Of course, if I see her jump off of the top again, we’ll have to secure the pile again sooner. But she’s such a tall girl to begin with, she really is a sight up there – my back yard neighbors even called to comment and make sure she was okay up there. So far Sugar Bear shows no interest in climbing up. I guess at 6 yrs she is getting less adventurous.